Michelin-star London restaurant brought into this world by celebrated chef Jonny Lake and master sommelier Isa Bal.

Jonny, Isa and their business partner wanted a brand identity that was completely unique to them, their story and their values. Early collaboration meant that Dots of Joy could align with architectural practice Derin Yeşil to help with location documents to source the right space and create a coherent aesthetic look and feel across all touch points.

The logo was designed through a mixture of typography, sculpture and functionality. The purposefully crafted letter ’T’ is divided into two equal parts that when positioned together create a trivet. We commissioned blacksmith, Alex Pole, to forge truly amazing versions of the logo that worked for interior and external signage.

We also created an award-winning menu design for master sommelier Isa Bal. He has turned wine-list protocol on its head,
listing regions by date of cultivation to explore the historical significance of Georgia, Slovenia, Greece, Turkey
and Armenia, and the future possibilities of wine produced on Mars! The menu’s physical format and layout have been uniquely designed by Dots of Joy and made by hand at Wyvern bookbinders, London.

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